NAIO EVENTS - 'Got The Eye'


Due to frequent design & colors, Please contact and ask us for latest lace designs.

Visit our Facebook/Instagram page (naio events) for lots of laces in assorted color & us for a better prices when ordering Aso-ebi/uniforms for your party or association.

1 piece is 5 yards.
Half Piece is 2.5 yards

          We specialize in Custom Bulk Ordering for All type events.  This means we consult to find out what fabric/color combination you need/want.  
           Be rest assured that we will make your Budget work!
           Occasionally we have leftovers from orders that make it to this page for sale at a great price - so check back from time to time!

Dee Sale - Get extra $10 off when you buy 10 yards of the same fabric design/color-call for us to adjust your bill.
Find the Dee Sale for more Discounts!

Check out the Half Pieces (2.5 yards) offers on some fabrics. It's enough for making skirts (full flared, 6 & 8 piece gathered) or wrapper (iro) of which You top off with a different blouse (or buba) fabric. Finish it off with a
co-ordinating/Custom made  Headtie.
Oleku style is a short sleeve or short wrapper outfit.
Did you know that you can make 2 oleku iro & buba from a 5 yard lace?

Did you know that you can make 4  oleku buba (blouse)from a 5 yard lace?

Check the Aso-ebi/Uniform (Wholesale) Folder for more Laces. 
Net Lace with Cord
Yellow with Gold Cord. $35 per yard. SOLD OUT - CAN BE RE-ORDERED.
Price: FREE
Satin (Pictured with Net Lace)
Gold Satin. Satin measures 54'' to 60'' wide. $7 per yard. SOLD OUT - CAN BE RE-ORDERED.
Price: FREE
Red Poly Lining
Red Poly. 8 yards. $5
Price: $5.00 $3.00
Red Satin as Lining
Used as lining for yellowgold Net Cord lace.
Price: FREE
Silver & Pink Headtie
$35. To go with Pink & Grey Lace or Grey & White lace. Great for Aso ebi. See Headtie Folder for more pink & grey headties. 2 pieces left. Grab 'em now!!
Price: $35.00 $30.00
Velvet on Taffeta (Dee Sale)
Turquoise Velvet on Black Tafetta. 60'' wide. 15 yards. A Great Alternative to Lace & Ankara.
Price: $12.00 $7.00
Tulle Lace
Tulle/Net... 5 yards $125. assorted colors - call for better pricing when ordering for asoebi/groups.
Price: $125.00 $100.00