NAIO EVENTS - 'Got The Eye'
 Our Make-up Artist, Lady Dee, is a Nigerian American who has been freelancing since 2004.  She started out being interested in skin care, especially after being introduced to Mac Cosmetics, Marykay, Lancome, Avon etc but soon after got into colors as it naturally completed the process.
Her Color Make-up was always natural and demure.  So a lot of times, her friends would ask her to 'make them up'.  Of course not everyone wanted the same look so, she started trying out bright & bold colors.  Lady Dee is a self taught Make-up Artist who is quite 'artistic'  and spent time studying make-up on models and would practice to get the look. 
But taking on the role and earning the title of Make-up Artist really came into play when she would have to dress a bride for the wedding ceremony and then totally transform the bride from her very demure/bridal look to a more 'vavavoom Mrs Thang' when the bride changed to an african outfit.  
She also markets herself as a Make-up & Headtie Artist, which is a plus for the Nigerian Celebrant who gets a '2 in 1' package.    
Facial Color Artistry Package is offered for Bridal & Social occasions starting @ $150 for the two hour, $30 for any additional half-hour (Bride/Celebrant). A special fee of $25/makeup or $35/makeup & headtie for each interested attendant - Just Bring your own Foundation & Powder.
Makeup kits/tools of the trade recommendations and discounted sales for beauty products are being offered on various cosmetic lines.
If you have a special event and want guaranteed satisfaction on your skin & color matter, please call Lady Dee @ (770) 695 7359 for an initial consultation.