NAIO EVENTS - 'Got The Eye'
Consult  *  Plan  *  Design  *  Day-Direct

We offer a Free Hour Consultation to discuss & learn about your interests & ideas on your up coming Event.
When hired, we go ahead in the areas where needed with the
Planning so as to have your event (Wedding  & Social) as you envisioned it.  This entails detailed outline of 'what, who, why, how & when you will use'.
NAIO offers event Day-Directing which helps you, family and friends have a great time by savoring every moment of the event as we are on hand to make sure that all aspect of the event is carried out smoothly and effectively.  This will entail going over all contracts and a little more consulting to get a vision of what you have planned for your day.
NAIO offers a World Class MC/Hostfor your event (Wedding & All type Social Parties).  We help set the tone you desire your event to take by keeping your guests involved and well entertained.
Facial Color Artistry & Skin Care Package is privately offered for Bridal & Social occasions for you and your party.
NAIO can suggest folks we are comfortable to work with and you will see why when you talk/work with them.  Please see the 'Affliates' page.
For a Naija (African Flair):
NAIO offers services  in - 
  • Providing special orders &/or production on any type fabric (lace, african print, brocade, headtie) for celebrant's changing outfits as well as for their aso-ebi party).
  • We will also custom design the headtie/hat for your special occasion for you, your family & friends. 
Tying Headtie at my location
Let the Ichafu Lady custom design your headtie for that special occasion for You and Your Party friends & Family starting from $10 to $40 per Headtie.
Tying Headtie at your location
The Ichafu Lady would come to you in the comfort of your home/location (within 30miles to) for $50 for the celebrant (one headtie) and $10 per any attendants/additional headties.  Great for groups!
Couple/Celebrant Consultation
NAIO will help every Couple/Celebrant we come across in terms of providing the best consultancy service as it relates to your
Wedding/Party preparation in terms of the following decisions:
•         Dress selection/fitting with all matching & needed accessories
•         Event Day- Directing
•         Invitation card & Accessories selection
          (in person or online
•         Custom bead making (refferal)
•         Custom Aso-Oke making (referral)
•         Group ordering (headties, laces, african prints, georges etc)
•         Honey moon booking/ flight arrangements
•         Hall selection
•         Vendors referrals (photography, videography, limo services, caterers, seamstresses/tailors etc).
NAIO EVENTS will walk with you every step of the way from the beginning till the end.
For further information about our consultation service please call   973-960-2438 or email us at
for further inquiries.